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How to save money on clothes.

With the cost of living rising in Australia and around the world there are some ways to save money on your clothing, while still looking good and feeling good about your purchases. 

1. Purchase second hand, recycled, up cycled and vintage.

Especially f you have a one off occasion such as a wedding to attend, or a theme night party, purchasing a second hand or vintage outfit can save you money and and feel great that you won't be stuck paying top dollar at the last minute for something you'll only probably wear once. There's always something to choose from at Vintage Arian and I'm happy to look for things for you on my travels. 

2. Take good care of your clothes. 

This includes mending your clothes as soon s you find a fault (as the saying goes a stitch in time saves nine)  and laundering your clothes as per the care label (dry-clean only means dry-clean only). An iron or a steam can make clothes feel as good as new, and don't forget to de-pill those jumpers. 

3. Storing your clothes well. 

This includes hanging or folding your clothes as appropriate,(no floordrobes here) and paying special attention to delicate garments that may snag or pull. For example sequin or beaded items should separated from other clothing by a plastic bag ( I use the dry-cleaning ones) or a bit of tissue paper if the item is folded and stored in a drawer. 

4. Create different looks with the same items. 

I do love the classics. A little black dress or a white shirt can be dressed up or down and looks completely different with accessories. Scarves, jewellery, bags, belts and shoes can make a big make an impact and you'll get more wear out of your clothing. 

5. Don't buy fast fashion. 

My bug bear is the amount of clothing that is being produced at cheap prices that are only designed to be worn a handful of times and then discarded. Not only does it all contribute to landfill when it falls apart, but the chemicals and water it takes to produce them is crazy bad for the planet. Not to mention the slave labour! Purchase good quality brands you know will last longer than one season. 

6. Dress for your body. 

Buying clothes that suit your shape will always stay in your wardrobe longer than the items that just aren't your style. Not everyone can pull off a figure hugging dress or short shorts.  Try on different shapes then you'll know your best assets to show them off best.