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Interview with Victoria from I Love To Op Shop

The Vintage Arian                             

A Quick Preloved Q&A

Thankyou to Michaela for taking time out to tell us all about her preloved fashion business The Vintage Arian

Can you tell us how your Vintage Arian journey started?

I’ve always been an op shopper and often get compliments on my choice in fashion to which I am always happy to tell them how much it cost and of course if it has pockets.

After completing a diploma in Merchandising and Marketing I worked in high end retail ladies’ fashion for 10 years. I got to know a lot of labels but saw firsthand the waste that comes with new clothing, from the packaging, hangers, unsold goods and so much went straight to the bin. And the retail prices were so expensive.

After having my son and having to return to work I realised I wanted to find something I could do working from home so I could spend more time with him. I was on my way to work one day, saw a new op shop had opened and popped in that afternoon where I found the most amazing dress.  The dress was a thick duchess satin, backless, black and simply gorgeous. I quit my job and I began Vintage Arian the next day. After researching the waste in new clothing, I realised just how necessary second-hand clothing was to the environment and to make a stand against slave labour I pledged to purchase second-hand as a first choice. To become Vintage Arian.

And of of course, you can always find something unique in an op shop.

What are you drawn to when it comes to sourcing for Vintage Arian?

I’m drawn to well-made items in beautiful quality fabrics, unique styles and well-fitting cuts. I love vintage looks with timeless elegance, and I love something a bit quirky and unusual.

Where are your favourite sourcing spots?

Ooh, I can’t tell you exactly where I go, but I will say that nowhere is off limits. I have around eighteen shops I go to frequently, but you’re never guaranteed to find anything, but some days you come home with a great haul.

Where did you first start reselling?

I first started selling on Facebook, then a couple of years later I built my website to make things much easier for my customers. I’m also on Instagram and Pinterest, eBay and I’ve just started on Poshmark.

What are the pros and cons for you with these platforms?

Most of my following is on Facebook but the algorithm is my worst enemy with reaching my lovely customers, so I tell everyone to come straight to the page at 8pm weeknights to see the new collections.

The pros are It’s free and user-friendly.

With the other platforms, it’s really a matter of what a shopper is looking for and of course the fees can take a slice of the profit.

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